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RBI has directed the Financial Institutions to extend Moratorium option to borrowers for another 3 Months till 30th August 2020. But there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion among common man - To avail it or not? How to avail it? Will it increase my EMI amount? What will be my new tenor? etc.
Our tool addresses all these doubts by providing contextual and personalized moratorium guidance

Some common misunderstandings about COVID-19 Moratorium


If I avails 5 Month EMI Moratorium, that mean my loan tenure gets extended just by 5 more Months.

I am told that moratorium is costly.

Moratorium is same thing as EMI Waiver.

Everyone should avail moratorium.

Banks give moratorium for my loans, automatically.

Correct Information

Interest accrued during moratorium is added to Principal. So its like taking another loan.

Cost of moratorium varies by loan type, interest rate and outstanding tenor.

Moratorium is not EMI Waiver. Its deferment of EMI to later months.

It is to be availed by borrower only if necessary.

Banks don't enable moratorium for your loans, automatically. You've to request them through their website or by sending a request letter/e-mail to the respective branch manger.

Useful features of our tool

Right from Loan detail capture, we have made it effortless
for you to analyze and arrive at a informed decision

Auto Capture Active Loans -

One-touch capture of all your active loans along with interest rate and current outstanding details using CRIF Credit Bureau data.

With Vs Without Moratorium Comparison

Select months for which you want to avail moratorium, auto-generate new amortisation schedule compare it against the original schedule.

Detailed Amortization Schedule

While many Financial institutions have tried to explain the impact with simple calculators, ours is a comprehensive analysis tool (powered by actual data from CRIF) which explains the moratorium impact in detail on the amortisation schedule.

Customer Centric Neutral Guidance

Make informed decisions on whether to avail or not avail moratorium based on the extra cost incurred and impact of COVID on your income and industry.

Personalized Request Emails

Generate personalized moratorium request emails that can be forwarded to your branch manager.

Ways Of Settling Extra Cost Incurred

Explore various ways and recommended timeline for settling the extra cost incurred if the moratorium is availed.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try.
It's completely free.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try.It's completely free.

We have simplified the entire process of when, why and how to avail the moratorium.

We have simplified the entire process of when, why and how to avail the moratorium.