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You no longer need to have a physical presence or dedicated sales persons to serve the most underserved segment of India, We have established a strong network of partners through our unique assisted digital model, You just have to leverage it.

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Loanwiser For Banks & FIs

Loanwiser – Assisted Digital Loan Advisory And Sourcing Service

We realised that while there are many Online Digital Loan Portals offering Loan comparison service to digital savvy customers, there is no such assistance for informal segment customers.Informal Customer segment who do not have sufficient Income Proof Documents or Credit History, most often are not so digital savvy customers and they would need assistance and guidance in accessing the Financial institution that will offer the Loan on best terms.

Loanwiser has pioneered the Assisted Digital Loan Advisory & Facilitation Service model by onboarding Partners with a physical presence and providing them the digital platform to guide and submit their loan applications

Lead Qualification Mechanism At Partner End

Viability Check

We get to know whether the loan is doable or not in under 5 mins. Partners have to just enter basic details of the applicant, the system will perform the initial loan viability check, based on the entered details and verifying it against bank availability and conditions.

Credit Assessment

As a part of Viability Check, we will generate a Credit Report which helps us understand the past credit history & repayment behaviour of the applicant. We have tied up with the CRIF credit bureau for this analysis.

Bank Statement Analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis on the applicant's bank statement which forms a crucial part in estimating the maximum loan amount eligibility for that applicant profile.

Document Collection

Document requirement for each loan type is listed out in the Viability report which can be printed/shared with the applicants by the partner. Once arranged, these documents are scanned and uploaded through a super easy upload interface. Only the leads that have at least one complete set of documents for the qualified bank, can be submitted to Loanwiser for further processing.

Lead Qualification Mechanism At Loanwiser End

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Each lead that the partner has submitted will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will be the point of coordination between customer and bank from the file login to disbursement.

Customer Interview Process

Our Dedicated Loan Lead Processing Executives Call Each Applicant For Data Verification And Confirmation.

Document Verification

All Documents Submitted By The Leads Are Manually Verified For Right Information And Legibility By Our Loan Lead Processing Executives.

ASK Documents

Incase Of Any Discrepancies Or Missing Documents, ASK Is Raised Via Our Loanwiser Portal To Partners To Re-Collect And Submit The Right Document From The Customers.

Preferred Modes Of Lead Submission

Details of leads to Financial Institution Partners are shared using any/all of the following methods:

a. API Integration with lenders

b. Automated Email/ SMS to lender’s team (Lender to provide the contact details of branch team as well as a point of contact in the central team)

c. Data entry into lender’s CRM system

Tie-Ups With Banks & Financial Institutions

We have tied up with over 20 Banks and Financial Institutions and are authorised to provide advisory service on their products based on the product knowhow shared with us. All our partner bank product policies are configured in our system and our system suggests the best Financial Institution to go with by matching the customers profile with FI’s policies.

Our Focus Customer Segments

Though our focus segment is predominantly informal, we also get other kind customer profiles. Here a pie-chart showcasing our customer profile split:

Informal Segment 40%

A target segment where the earning is above Rs 12,000 /- and even with one or two documents missing the customer is eligible for loan.

Formal Segment 10 - 15 %

A target segment for banks where customers could provide all types of documents that are requested by the bank or are according to the bank's checklist.

Less Formal Segment 20 - 30%

A target segment where the earning is above Rs 20,000 /- and even if few documents are not available they can still apply for loan.

No Income Proof 15 - 20%

A target segment where the customer is cash salaried

Advantages Of Partnering With Us

Qualified Leads

Preliminary level of underwriting as per the Banks policies

Near Zero Customer Acquisition Cost

A target segment for banks where customers could provide all types of documents that are requested by the bank or are according to the bank's checklist.

Tech First Approach To Reduce TAT

We will help banks and FIs reduce their TAT in lead qualification by taking the tech first approach on our side.

Pan India Coverage

Country wide presence, We get customers from various parts of the country.

Customized Marketing Campaigns

By partnering with us, you will have an opportunity to run - customer segment or demography or geo location focused marketing campaigns through our system

Specialized Products

You can launch new products and policies that focus on the preferred customer segment

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